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Yes, welcome one and all... mainly one. Hiya. Glad to see you're here. Remember, if you see anything, post it here. Whether it be random journals, journals of friends, or maybe just a friend of yours who doesn't even use LJ, go ahead and post.

Now! Back to the cave where all things are dark and damp! Hah ahhahaha...!

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aight...soooo how do I post something? :)
First make sure you're signed in at the top, so it recognizes that it's you. Then, go to the full update page. It's the "..." link next to update on the side bar. It should say "You are signed in as DesiresAngel" or something to that effect. Since you are a member, now, there is a little pull-down menu under the text of your message that says "Post to which journal" or something. You change this to "Listeners" and then enter your message/subject/etc.

That should be it.